Manchego Burger

1 pound ground beef, shaped into 4 patties
Oil, for cooking
4 burger buns
4 slices serrano ham (you can also use prosciutto), cut in half
4 ounces manchego cheese
1 cup roasted piquillo peppers (or regular roasted peppers)

In a large pan, add ham slices and a splash of oil, and heat on medium-high until ham is crispy. Set ham aside, and wipe out the pan. Then, add a splash of oil to the pan. Season patties generously with salt and pepper, and cook on medium heat, 3-5 minutes per side or until cooked as desired. With about one minute left, add cheese to patties and cover with a lid to melt.
Top buns with patties, serrano ham, and roasted piquillo peppers, and serve.

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